What are the reasons why police could remove your license plates in CDMX or Edomex


All authorities must adopt measures to guarantee the protection of citizens when driving

Violating the traffic regulations both in Mexico City and in the State of Mexico could cause fines and other problems for drivers who do not respect those established in various ways, although on this occasion we will tell you about the causes for which They could remove your license plates.

According to the CDMX government, circulation in road safety conditions is a right, so all authorities must adopt measures to guarantee the protection of life and physical integrity of people, especially users who are vulnerable while circulating.

In this sense, here we will remember what are the reasons why they will be able to remove your license plates.

Why will they be able to remove your plates in CDMX?

-If the authority detects that you have several infractions that triggered some fines and have not been paid.

-When it is detected that the sticker does not match with the license plates.

-In the event that the data on the circulation card or vehicle control records are not correct.

And in the State of Mexico?

-In case of driving without having a driver’s license or permit.

-Parking in prohibited or not allowed places.

-The authority, if it decides, may also remove your plates if you drive your car with a license that has already expired.

-If you double park your car in any Edomex municipality if the driver is not inside the unit or does not want to move the vehicle.

-Driving a vehicle with foreign license plates and in case of not being able to prove your stay in the country.

Even, according to the Edomex regulations and authorities, in this entity the sanctions are more complex, so it will be better to have everything in order. In that sense, we will also remember who are the people who will have to replace plates this year.

The replacement plates program must be considered by motorists every five years in Edomex, otherwise, they will be subject to a fine of more than two thousand pesos.

The automobiles that must be replaced plates are:

-Owners of vehicles that carry license plates issued in 2018.

-Drivers who own cars with license plates from 2017 or earlier, and those who did not apply the renewal in 2022 or previous years.

The validity of your plates can be consulted through the internet. To do this, you will have to access the following link. Here

Then you must carry out the process to renew; however, in case of not carrying out the replacement, you will acquire a fine of up to 20 Units of Measurement and Update (UMA), that is, a little more than 2 thousand pesos.

According to the Edomex government, when applying for new license plates, the circulation card may also be issued. The purpose of the procedure is to keep your car current.

In addition, having your car in order will increase its sale price and help in investigations of crimes committed with vehicles.

Those who wish to carry out the process in a timely manner will have the opportunity to access a cancellation of 50% of the renewal payment.

Source: Infobae