These are the 3 Mexican dishes that are among the worst in the world


There will be some of these foods, which are part of the Mexican menu, that even those who live in the country don’t not like.

Mexico has a gastronomy that for those who live in the country becomes part of their custom, but sometimes foreigners do not see it that way. For this reason, these are the 3 Mexican dishes that are among the worst in the world.

The Tasteatlas webpage made a list of the 100 worst dishes in the world where there are three of Mexican origin.

These are the 3 Mexican dishes that are among the worst in the world.

On the page, from the encyclopedia of flavors, there are 3 dishes that did not have a good rating and here we tell you the ones that were not to the liking of several.

Liver with onion: This dish received 2.6 stars, the maximum that can be obtained is five and to the surprise of many, the dish is popular in South America, especially in Mexico and Peru. It consists of beef liver, onions as a key ingredient and the preparation must be done by cutting the meat into thin slices, seasoning with salt, pepper before cooking it in oil with peppers, onions and sometimes tomatoes. It is served with rice or mashed potatoes.

Romeritos: in position 43 is this dish that had a 2.6-star rating. It is prepared during the Christmas holidays and in Lent. The name of this dish comes from a wild plant that bears the same name, its taste is sour and slightly salty. Its preparation is made with a thick mole sauce with potatoes, nopales and dried shrimp pancakes.

Chongos Zamoranos: In position 31 is this dessert that received 2.5 stars. Its preparation uses raw milk, egg yolks and rennet tablets. It is known that the dessert is ready when the milk curdles and acquires a rubbery and fluffy consistency. At the end it is seasoned with cinnamon and sugar. The name of the dessert means curd and they are so popular in Mexico that these can be bought in cans at the supermarket. Its history comes from the colonial era, in the town of Zamora, which were invented in the convents. Currently there are different flavors, liquor, coloring, or nuts are added.

The page that rated these Mexican dishes as some of the worst in the world is called TasteAtlas. It is an encyclopedia of flavors from traditional dishes, local ingredients, and authentic restaurants.

Source: Radio Formula