Campeche is experiencing a wave of strong violence under Morena’s Layda Sansores

Layda Sansores

Campeche is experiencing a wave of strong violence during the first days of the year

Strongly violent episodes have taken place in different municipalities across the state of Campeche in the last 24 hours, where clashes between police and armed men, a riot, shootings, and even the discovery of a massive drug grave were reported.

This situation has alarmed the inhabitants of the region, who have even preferred to stay at home and not go out, many even preventing their children from going to school.

These sorts of events used to be inexistent in Campeche, but ever since the governor, Layda Sansores from Morena took office, this peaceful state has become extremely violent.

“El Chupas” found dead in his cell in the Cereso de San Francisco Kobén Campeche

During the early hours of Thursday, January 12th, the death of an inmate was recorded inside the San Francisco Kobén Social Reintegration Center (Cereso), identified as Joshua DCP, (a) “El Chupas”, who was kept in the area for common criminals and who was charged with the crime of robbery with violence; he was found inside his cell with no vital signs.

The events occurred late at night inside the cells of the male inmates, when “El Chupas” energetically asked for help from the authorities since he said that his life was in danger.

According to information obtained unofficially, the incident was due to a brawl between two people inside the prison, for which one of them, who has not yet been identified, used a sharp weapon to attack him on several occasions; after that, he hung him by the neck to simulate suicide.

Source: SIPSE

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