Aldo James – A Mexican Bringing Churros, Atole and Café de Olla to Chicago


Churros are a well-known and appreciated dish in various corners of the world, and Aldo James has created a business where this delicious dessert can be enjoyed in different presentations and accompanied by atole or pot coffee.

Aldo James has over 14 years of culinary experience and has worked in different kitchens in Mexico City, Texas and now Chicago. One of his favorite dishes is obviously churros, which, during the pandemic, he focused on preparing at home until he developed his own recipe.

After trying his delicious creations, Aldo’s family and friends encouraged him to start his own churro business. And it was at the end of 2020 when the entrepreneur was already selling his churros in a small stall powered by social networks.

Currently, Aldo is the entrepreneur behind El Churro Shop, a place located in Chicago where visitors are delighted with a wide variety of churros in different presentations, such as the churro with Nutella, the churro with cajeta, or the one made with dulce de leche and marzipan. In addition, he offers his clients pot coffee, atole, hot chocolate and even milkshakes to accompany them.

Although Aldo initially thought that his business was going to take time to take off the ground, he has been surprised by the response from his clients. He has even been forced to implement new production methods to meet demand without neglecting quality.

Source: The Monopolitan