What are the Oaxaca cheeses that contain fungi, according to PROFECO


According to the institution, there are some brands that can be harmful to the health of consumers

The Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office (Profeco) carried out a study on different types of brands that sell imitations of Oaxaca cheese, therefore they are not truthful with the information regarding their net content or their ingredient label, for this reason they can represent a risk to the health of users, since it contains many malignant bacteria.

In such a way that they examined 33 types of Oaxaca cheese, of which three of them were reduced in fat and eight proved to be imitations, the following variables were considered for the study: moisture, protein, sanitary quality, net content, energy content, presence of starch and fat.

What are the cheeses that contain fungus?

– Don Lucas: this product has the presence of fungi, yeasts, and pathogenic microorganisms, such as Staphylococcus aureus, which belongs to a group of bacteria that pose a health risk to whoever consumes it.

– Productos Lacteos HP: in addition to being an imitation and sold in bulk, it contains harmful ingredients as in the previous case, representing a threat to people who ingest it.

– Prohper food: Profeco failed this brand, since it shows high values of fungi or yeasts, which are clear indicators of product deterioration.

– Villa Sana: like the aforementioned products, this brand does not comply with the sanitary quality, since it exceeds the allowed value in case of the presence of fungi or yeasts.

– El Rey: the institution in charge of carrying out the study failed the brand, because it calls itself Oaxaca cheese, however the analysis showed that it is not, since the brand adds vegetable fat, with a percentage of 70 percent of its composition.

It is worth mentioning that the products are sold in bulk, for this reason Profeco pointed out that the brands generally do not contain data from the manufacturer, address or business name, therefore it is not feasible to follow up in case of an incident. In such a way it is recommended that before purchasing a product the labeling need to be corroborated, to avoid any type of threat to health.

What are the Oaxaca cheese brands that do not fulfill what they promise?

In addition, there are brands that deceive the consumer, in such a way that Profeco found the products that mention being cheese, however it was shown that they are vegetable additives.

The analysis showed that two brands that call themselves cheese are added with vegetable fat, which are: El Rey, bulk Oaxaca cheese, and Xaltepec, bulk Oaxaca cheese, with an approximate net content of one kilogram each.

While the products that comply with all the items of the study fueron: Alpura Oaxaca Cheese 400 grams, Carranco Oaxaca Cheese 400 grams, Covadonga Oaxaca Cheese 400 grams, Esmeralda Oaxaca Cheese 400 grams, Flor de Alfalfa Oaxaca Cheese 400 grams, La Villita Oaxaca Cheese 400 grams, Lala Oaxaca Cheese 200 grams, Los Volcanes Oaxaca Cheese 400 grams, Navarro Oaxaca Cheese 400 grams, Zwan Premium Oaxaca Cheese 400 grams, Bafar Oaxaca Cheese for sale in bulk and Parma Sabori Oaxaca Cheese for sale in bulk.

Source: Infobae