The most expensive Rosca de Reyes in Mexico is sold in Querétaro


The Rosca de Reyes from La Mariposa, a Queretaro cafeteria of yesteryear, went viral again. This 2023, the traditional bread of January 6 was sold for 1,650 pesos, in its largest presentation.

In the “take away food” area, the ad can be seen with three prices to try the highly valued Rosca de Reyes: 1,650 pesos, the large size; 880 for the medium bagel and 92 pesos for the slice.

Through social networks, Internet users criticize the price of bread, made with butter, nuts and with the typical Children of God without considering any special filling or decoration.

“Expensive”, “Pricy”, “Do they come with atole?”, “Surely, the most expensive in the country”, are some of the messages to condemn the price of bread.

The Rosca de Reyes from La Mariposa is very expensive!

In 2020, the bagel was also criticized because then, it was sold for 1,310 pesos, 700 pesos for a small bagel and 72 pesos for a slice. A year later, it was sold for 1,430,780 pesos and 76 per piece.

La Mariposa is in the Historic Center of Querétaro. It was founded in 1940 and is a must to try milkshakes, ice cream, enchiladas, typical sweets, cakes and midnights.

Source: El Universal