Former UFC fighter Phil Baroni jailed in a state prison in Nayarit, Mexico

Phil Baroni

Former UFC fighter Phil Baroni has recently been transported to a state prison in Nayarit, Mexico.

The former welterweight and middleweight fighter was arrested earlier this month for allegedly murdering his girlfriend. Initial reports on the matter revealed Baroni informed the police on the scene that his partner hit her head when he threw her into a shower. Furthermore, the former fighter reportedly revealed he helped her back to the bed before stepping out. When he returned, she was unresponsive.

Now, Baroni has reportedly been moved to Cereso in Tepic, Nayarit. Alarmingly, the state prison was struck by a devastating prison break last week. The incident led to the deaths of 19 people and over 30 escaped inmates.

‘The New York Bad Ass’ will have a hearing on Monday to determine his legal status. If found guilty, Baroni will likely be spending 30-50 years in prison.

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Josh Barnett recently shared his take on Baroni’s situation and issues.

According to ‘The Warmaster’, Baroni has begun to exhibit alarmingly erratic behavior in recent years. Having known him for two decades, Barnett was quickly unsettled by the unpredictable temperament of his friend.

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