Escape wellness in Banderas Bay


At the Marival Armony hotel, a flow of water leads to designed to achieve well-being. Here guests are encouraged to flow in harmony with the environment under the guidance of hospitality experts.

Ahead, a rainbow fills the horizon of Bahía de Banderas, in the Nayarit Riviera, with colors. Their presence heralds the end of a morning rain at the foot of Destiladeras beach. Time passes calmly from the top of a tower of the Marival Armony hotel next to the Pacific.

From that balcony the sky seems to acquire a tone that radiates serenity. Below, the blue that dyes on the waters of the Pacific makes a contrast, and near the shore, an immense blanket of foam caresses the sand and, incidentally, the first swimmers of the day.

What follows is walking. Leaving the comfortable atmosphere of the Armony suite, which has a privileged view of the sea, and intentionally getting lost among the vegetation to discover “secret gardens” that appear unexpectedly.

Before taking the first path, a tiny waterfall located right in the center of the hotel’s main staircase forces you to stop to see, listen and even feel the uninterrupted flow of water that makes its way through the vegetation. A few minutes later, near the main pool, you will discover an ascending path that leads to an area available under reservation.

In this reserved access space, some cabins surround a circular pool that extends an aquatic walkway towards the most intense greenery of the mountains. The space is exquisite. After swimming to reach the edge and see how the water rushes, a feeling of fullness arrives that induces you to lie down in one of the cabins to extend the moment.

After leaving that space behind, a new green path leads to a pool where some floating pots draw a new postcard. Around, some people practice yoga under the guidance of an instructor, while others rest on the lounge chairs. This site is a favorite for guests to practice sports activities because it offers the right mix of privacy and spaciousness.

Make a stop at Divun, a signature cuisine restaurant signed by chef Alfredo Jiménez. Here you can enjoy creations inspired by the region that prioritize the use of local ingredients and optimize the benefits of the sea and the land.

It’s time to visit the Mélange World Spa. As soon as you enter, it is visible how a cloak of relaxation covers the guests who arrive on time for their appointment. This wellness space is housed in the central building of the hotel and offers a circuit of wet areas as the first stop. From here you await the meeting with the therapist to immerse yourself in a unique menu of relaxation and wellness therapies that draws inspiration from different countries, Mexico included.

The spa’s stellar proposal groups nine treatments offered in nine themed cabins. These therapies celebrate the strengths of the wellness culture in the United States, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, Italy, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, and India. The one inspired by India has a spectacularity that makes it one of the favorite experiences of the guests.

In this experience, Ayurbeda techniques are used via a sbhyanga massage divided into two parts: on the back and from the feet to the shoulders; the contact is firm and is received on a typical wooden stretcher. Following the shirodhara technique, a drop of herbal oil is poured into the area between the eyebrows, just where, according to Hinduism, the third eye is located. This herbal stimulation precedes immersion in a copper tub where a light bath crowns a different and unforgettable experience.

Choose one of the nine international treatments offered by the Mélange World Spa in themed cabins that invite you to travel the world with each massage

Returning to the suite that directs the view towards the Marietas Islands, a deep sleep will lead to rest before looking for new relaxation spaces in this kingdom of well-being nestled in Bahía de Banderas.

Source: Forbes