AMLO: Sedena airline will be cheaper and will go to more destinations


President Andrés Manuel López informed that the airline managed by the Secretary of National Defense (Sedena) will have cheaper flights and would reach destinations that the current airlines no longer reach.

After the Federal Government’s plans to create an airline managed by the Sedena were presented, little has been done, but this is what is known so far:

The project consists of the operation of 10 aircraft by the military company “Olmeca-Maya-Mexica”.

It is estimated that it will start operations at the end of 2023.

In legislative matters, Morena is preparing legal reforms in the Chamber of Deputies so that Sedena can start with its plans.

Meanwhile, the dialogue continues with the workers of the extinct Mexicana de Aviación with the purpose of obtaining the brand in exchange for a reward whose amount will be determined based on an appraisal.

Regarding the benefits that this new airline would bring, the president announced on December 6 that this could help reduce the high costs of plane tickets by increasing the number of trips within the country. Likewise, it would seek to allow cabotage.

“So with the new airline, with the management of the airports in a comprehensive plan, surely there will be more trips, the price of the ticket will drop and, if necessary, we will allow what is called cabotage, that the foreign companies can arrive in Cancun, be allowed to go to Campeche and Mexico City, that is, release everything that has to do with air transport,” he explained.

In the same way, AMLO proposed to resume routes abandoned by the airlines that succumbed to bankruptcy, such as Interjet and Mexicana de Aviación, and that the current airlines have not fill in.

“There are many places that cannot be reached by plane because they are not served by the current airlines; In addition, there has been a decrease, since it was not only Mexicana, but Interjet, and Aeromar flights have also been reduced. There are cities where there were flights before and now there are no more ”, he indicated at the beginning of October.

Source: Polemon