7 Uncommon Causes of Car Accidents in Tampa


As a driver in Tampa, you are responsible for the safety of yourself and your passengers. You must know what to expect on the roadways and how to respond if things become uncomfortable. Unfortunately, many car accidents happen due to circumstances outside the driver’s control or simple mistakes that can be avoided. For a car accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, you can claim compensation. You need to look for the best car accident lawyers in Tampa to protect yourself from insurance companies and obtain fair compensation.

1. Driving without caution in the rain

Driving in the rain is often not taken seriously, and drivers must slow down appropriately or identify potential hazards. This can lead to a car accident. To avoid this, always be cautious when driving in the rain, especially on a wet road.

2. Unbalanced load

You could exert more force than your vehicle can handle when your load is unbalanced. But, if you have an object on top of another thing on top of anything else, then your weight may be unevenly distributed. This can cause a blowout, or a blowout can occur when pressure is applied to an area that was not positioned correctly. This pressure can cause the tire to tear or the tread to chip off, causing a blowout.

3. Distraction from people in the back seat

You might think that it is a good idea to allow passengers in the back seat to call out or comment about turns or stops, but this can be very dangerous. If an individual is distracted by comments from the back seat, they could cause you to swerve off the road or take an unsafe turn as a result of their distraction, and this can lead to a car accident.

4. Driving without headlights

Driving without headlights can be dangerous when there is less than optimal lighting. This could lead to you swerving off the road if your intended turn is not visible in the dark or at night. Always drive with your headlights on, even on a residential street.

5. Hitting an animal

If you hit a small animal while driving, it is recommended that you pull over immediately to avoid further harm. When driving, always be alert for wildlife crossing the road and be prepared to stop if necessary.

6. No emergency brake

If your vehicle does not have an emergency brake that works, your car could be more likely to roll. This can lead to a car accident and injury or death for other people on the road. Your emergency brake should work in case of an accident so you can better control your vehicle and avoid hurting others. You only want to refrain from using a break when going too fast to stop quickly.

7. Wrong tires

If your tires are not the same in size and tread, you can cause a blowout. This can lead to a car accident if your impending blowout leads to you swerving off the road or having tire failure as you drive. Always check that your tires are balanced, or they could cause a blowout.

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