Release endangered baby sea turtles into the ocean in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca


Mexico is home to 5 of the 7 different species of sea turtle in the world. However, in Mexico and around the globe, these sea creatures are endangered.

Luckily, Mexico is making big steps to help these guys out, and many NGOs and not-for-profit organizations are working to increase turtle populations. One of the ways these organizations raise money is by charging tourists to release a baby turtle from their hatcheries.

At the turtle release, you’ll learn about the turtles and be able to take your own turtle onto the beach and release it in a controlled environment. This is really one of the best things to do in Mexico!

You can see baby turtles in most places around Mexico including Puerto Vallarta, Tulum, the Cancun Hotel Zone, and Playa del Carmen. However, the most commonplace to do tours is in Los Cabos, Puerto Escondido (where I released my turtle), and other locations on the Pacific Coast.

Most of the programs are there to help the turtles, but before choosing one, be sure to read up on the company so you know you’re making an ethical choice.

With information from Destination Travel

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