Mexicans prepare their tortillas in a Korean restaurant and put together a taquiza


A group of Mexican friends took their tortilla maker to a restaurant in Korea and the video went viral.

When a Mexican is out of the country, what he misses the most is typical food.

This was demonstrated by some Mexicans who traveled to South Korea with everything, even with their tortilla maker to be able to prepare some good tacos in one of the local restaurants.

Through TikTok you can see a group of friends who put together a good taquiza in a local place where the owners and employees did not say anything to them.

To the rhythm of the song ‘La Chona’ you can see how first, they make their dough balls, then they put them in the tortilla pan, with everything and the plastic so they don’t stick, and later on a small griddle.

Once they’re done, they put typical Korean foods on it, making for a very interesting mix.

In another video, one of the friends explained that they got permission from the owners of the restaurant and apologized if anyone was offended.

“I want to start the video by apologizing, honestly, if I offended any Korean out there, we didn’t want to be disrespectful. We just thought it would be a cool and fun idea. In fact, we had permission to do so.”

Source: Excelsior