4 days to Christmas! They report chaotic traffic to cross at the San Ysidro checkpoint


There are more than 650 cars on Ready Lane.

The waiting lines in Tijuana to cross into the United States through the checkpoints in both San Ysidro and Otay Mesa are busy every day at all hours, both by people who work on the other side of the border and by tourists, especially in these December seasons.

Although many still attend their jobs during these last weeks of the year, others visit the neighboring country either to spend the holidays with the family or to buy Christmas gifts; However, these actions increase waiting times and this is exactly what Internet users have reported.

Through the Facebook group “How is the San Ysidro and Otay line” various users update the status of the checkpoints, through photographs and publications they have shared that this Wednesday, December 21, both the pedestrian and vehicular line of the port of San Ysidro is very crowded, with waits of more than four hours. The lines have reached the Bus Station, to the point where the cars have decided not to cross to the other side.

According to the reports from the checkpoints, San Ysidro currently has 31 gates open, 630 cars waiting for the Ready Lane line, 200 for the normal line and 250 for the Sentri, without any update on the pedestrian lane. Otay Mesa has 10 open gates, 200 cars on the normal line, 500 on Ready Lane and 100 on Sentri, with a wait of 450 people for the crosswalk.

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