Thousands of migrants adrift in southern Oaxaca


Thousands of migrants are adrift in southern Mexico, after the closure of the migration module of the National Institute of Migration (INM) to provisionally regularize undocumented immigrants from Central and South America, Haiti, Cuba, and the Middle East.

On the eve of tomorrow’s celebration of Migrants’ Day, the INM closed the center it installed on August 5 in San Pedro Tapanatepec, in the state of Oaxaca, forcing thousands of people to leave the area this week and walk a stretch of about 100 kilometers towards Juchitán.

Many of them, with children in tow, insist that the INM grant them provisional permission to cross Mexico to the northern border.

On the journey, they face the risk of an accident among the thousands of cargo vehicles with up to three trailers that circulate in that section and dehydration in the high temperatures.

Along with a group of migrants from Ecuador, Mirna Josel walks, a migrant from Nicaragua who, while advancing through the section of La Ventosa, told EFE about the painful journey.

“They didn’t want to give us permission, they told us until January, and now we are going in a caravan to get there to the destination we have to reach. It is tiring, we have been with today for two days, but thank God that, even though they have not given us permission, we continue to move forward, ”he said.