Prices of beer and cigarettes are officially to increase today Monday, December 19th


The increase in the price of wheat due to the war between Ukraine and Russia will impact the baking industry in Mexico and the costs of these foods will also rise.

The December festivities are not over yet and apparently, the so-called ‘January slope’ has already appeared on the scene for many Mexicans, due to the fact that some products have begun to rise in price.

For example, according to the National Association of Small Merchants ( ANPEC ), Grupo Modelo beers increased by one peso in their various presentations.

It was also reported that as of Monday, December 19, the pack of 20 cigarettes would have an increase of five pesos.

There will also be an increase in the cost of Grupo Bimbo products, due to the fact that the price of wheat has skyrocketed, in addition to the cost of gas and electricity in our country; Added to this is the shortage of cardboard, plastic, and aluminum, which makes the logistics of packing these products more expensive.

Source: OEM

Mexico Daily Post