Freedom of expression has suffered a great deterioration in Mexico (Inter-American Press Association)


Organizations in favor of freedom of expression have expressed their concern about the deterioration suffered by this right in Mexico due to the unprecedented number of journalists murdered

At different times this year, the Inter-American Press Association, Article 19 Mexico chapter, and the World Association of Newspapers (WAN) expressed their concern about the deterioration of freedom of expression in Mexico, represented by an unprecedented number of murders of journalists.

” A worrisome and clear setback in press freedom is taking place in the Americas. This is evidenced by the increase in the murders of journalists, as well as the intensification of practices of persecution and judicial criminalization that lead to the arrests and exiles of members of the continent’s media.

“The 25 journalists murdered in the last six months was the event that generated the greatest condemnation and indignation on the part of the more than 200 media editors who attended the meeting. The figure rises to 40 if the period since the 77th assembly, held in October 2021, is considered.

Once again, Mexico was the country with the highest number of victims, with 11 homicides of journalists and media workers since last April, without the authorities of that nation having been able to effectively combat this painful tragedy.

“The other countries where murders were recorded were Colombia (3), Haiti (3), Ecuador (2), Honduras (2), the United States (1), Paraguay (1), Brazil (1), and Chile (1). In addition, in Colombia, three cases of journalists murdered in 2002 were prescribed amidst impunity.

“We urge governments and authorities to assign priority to investigations that allow the capture of those responsible for the murders of journalists in the region. In addition, we urge the promotion of measures that guarantee the protection of press personnel, a topic that was also discussed during the sessions, seeking to create additional mechanisms and systems that contribute to strengthening the security of members of the media in risky conditions.

“In this same period, the persecution through intimidation and judicial criminalization has led 29 journalists into exile and kept 15 communicators and media workers in prison, in many cases in subhuman conditions, either due to ongoing files or convictions. handed down without fair trials.

“Another front of concern is the serious deterioration of the security conditions for the journalistic exercise due to the advance of drug trafficking and the phenomenon of its transversality that covers several countries. Reports of threats and harassment against the press in this context were registered especially in Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, and Paraguay.

“In addition, attempts to limit freedom of expression through new or debated laws and through government control mechanisms remain disturbing .”

Source: Inter-American Press Association

Mexico Daily Post