The demand for electric vehicles is increasing in Mexico


Therefore, it is necessary to “educate” the consumer on how to get the best advantage of these units and their charging needs, industry players agreed.

“It is part of the process of mass electric transportation, knowing how the electric vehicle works, what are the differences compared to the internal combustion vehicle, what are the schemes with which you are going to charge,” said Daniel López, commercial director of Evergo, electric vehicle charging network in Mexico and Latin America.

There are differences between the units, for example, in an electric vehicle the size of the engine and the parts are significantly reduced compared to an internal combustion one, López reported.

In addition, the costs of maintaining an electric car compared to a combustion one can be reduced by up to 60 or 80 percent.

However, before making the purchase, it is necessary to review the impact of electricity consumption at home and validate that the infrastructure is capable of supporting electric car chargers or, failing that, make a special installation.

“This is important because if you arrive and plug a charger of this type into any outlet you could have an electrical accident,” said the Evergo manager.

Consumer education towards the use of electric cars is important in order to ensure that they have the best experience, and make it more efficient and safer, said Raymundo Cavazos, general director of Volvo Car México.

Of the total number of people who have an electric car, most charge it from home.


(Participation %, 2022)


At home

3% in fast chargers on highways or exits from cities

12% Opportunity charge, that is, in shopping centers or self-service stores

Source: Evergo

Mexico Daily Post