Mazatlán must take advantage of real estate growth yes or yes


Alexander Rodríguez, General Director of Alquimia Transforma, one of the Top 5 companies in Mexico, called on all businessmen, developers and hotel groups

MAZATLÁN.- Mazatlán has become a destination for real estate development due to the attractive quality of life, the certainty for investment and the added value that it currently has.

For Alexander Rodríguez, General Director of Alquimia Transforma, one of the Top 5 companies of Mexican Agencies in the National Ranking, Mazatlecos must take advantage of this moment of real estate boom in order to continue growing in the field and not stagnate.

But beware, the ‘boom’ does not last forever but is a momentary stage.

“I feel that you are at that moment, Mazatlán before did not have the conditions for that to happen, and today it does, so if they do not take advantage of it there is a timing and other places will take advantage of it.”

The expert indicated that taking advantage of the growth opportunity that is presented today in the city will make the area the ideal destination for business trips, conventions, congresses, exhibitions and incentive trips, not only national, but also international.

He expressed that something very important that no developer and hotel groups should forget is to have a vision for the future, since sometimes there are projects without foundations and that is something that a developer cannot afford.

If what is sought is to position Mazatlán as a destination with high-end tourism, then the projects must be cutting-edge and innovative.

“What happens is that we must accompany this change so that it serves as a catalyst so that it is not casual and aimless. Why can it happen? Maybe they can fill Mazatlán with low-level tourism, which I say is not, It’s a sin, but for high-end developments like the ones that are already being presented, it won’t be their market”.