Illegal migrants dying in Oaxaca prisons


DDHPO investigates the death of migrants in Juchitán

The Human Rights Ombudsman of Oaxaca (DDHPO) began investigations into the conditions in which an African migrant died in the municipal separos of Juchitán de Zaragoza.

The ombudsperson Bernardo Rodríguez Alamilla reported that the autonomous body opened the file DDHPO/0052/RIJ/(10)/OAX/2022, where it requested reports from the authority of that municipality in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec region, on the facts recorded and also requested from the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) a report on the investigation folder and a copy of the necropsy opinion of the law and a medical certificate of death.

He explained that the DDHPO has registered five deaths in municipal detention centers in Salina Cruz, Santa María Huatulco, Santa Catarina Juquila, Tlalixtac de Cabrera and Juchitán de Zaragoza, where two of them correspond to foreigners.

He stressed that municipal separations require the establishment of care protocols, having doctors, as well as security cameras.

He stressed that it is important to address the structural causes of origin of this type of situation and the need to regulate these spaces, as well as take preventive actions.

In this way, he stressed that it is necessary to provide municipal authorities with tools and strategies to help carry out their function with full respect for human rights, as well as make them aware that the integrity of the people under their protection is their responsibility. .

He observed that the State must articulate public policies to safeguard their integrity and dignity, because migrants regardless of their immigration status preserve their human rights.

Rodríguez Alamilla said that all State institutions have the obligation to address migration with a human rights approach and prioritize the pro person principle, that is, placing migrants at the center of decision-making, in their actions, public programs and policies.

Almost 20 deaths

From January 2015 to date, there have been 18 deaths of people in municipal detention centers

An African migrant was arrested for disturbing public order last Sunday morning, in the minutes before the November 20 Parade.

Hours later, at night, he was found lifeless in the cells of the Municipal Police Command of this city.

Dieng Mohamed Lamine, 36, of Senegalese origin, is the undocumented person who was found dead at the edge of 8:00 p.m.

The foreigner was detained in the municipal separos, for causing disturbances and scandalizing during the commemorative parade of the beginning of the Mexican Revolution.

Teachers from a secondary school requested the intervention of the uniformed officers, when the migrant broke the formation of students who were about to start their participation in the civic-sports parade.

The commemorative act of November 20 was guarded by elements of the Municipal Police, State Highway Police, Municipal Civil Protection and Municipal Highway Police.

It was up to the municipal police officers to control the African immigrant around 09:00.

The Senegalese was taken to the municipal cellars where he remained for several hours.

According to the report of the municipal authorities,  Dieng Mohamed Lamine did not allow them to carry out a medical certificate to determine if he was under the influence of any narcotic.

Around 10:00 p.m., the municipal police officers realized that the arrested African was alone and lying on the ground, apparently without vital signs.

The urgent presence of paramedics from the Fire Department, whose base is located next to the police corporation, was requested.

Rescuers confirmed that the foreigner was already dead. 

After the death of the migrant, the ministerial authorities were notified to take charge of removing the body.

The first investigations were initiated to determine the cause of this person’s death.

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