10 tons of meth found in a shrimp boat off the coast of Sinaloa


The Mexican Navy said on Tuesday, November 22nd, that a patrol found an estimated 10 tons of methamphetamines aboard a shrimp boat off the country’s western Pacific coast.

Navy Secretary José Rafael Ojeda said the shrimp boat was detected off the coast of Sinaloa state last week. But when marines boarded the vessel to inspect, the crew intentionally opened valves to sink it.

Before the boat finally went down, marines were able to unload over a half-ton of the bales of meth. But Ojeda said the majority of the shipment went down with the vessel.

Sinaloa is home to the drug cartel of the same name.

Ojeda said the Navy found two shipping containers loaded with 35 tons of charcoal soaked in cocaine. The cocaine-impregnated raw charcoal was found at the Gulf coast port of Altamira. The Mexican Navy is in charge of customs inspections at seaports.

Source: OEM

The Mazatlan Post