How to Calculate Mexicos Aguinaldo “Christmas Bonus” 2022


The Christmas bonus payment date is a few days away, so it is important that you know how much the amount that corresponds to you will be this 2022.

It is well known that the Christmas bonus is one of the benefits most anticipated by workers, some will receive it tomorrow, November 18, and others throughout the month. It is important to mention that, according to the Federal Labor Law ( LFT ), companies and employers have until December 20 to deliver it.

If you don’t know how much your 2022 Christmas bonus is, we’ll tell you how to calculate it .

So you can calculate how much bonus you get this 2022

The Christmas bonus payment in Mexico corresponds to a minimum of 15 days of salary. To calculate how much you will receive, take into account your monthly salary without considering taxes:

  • Your total monthly salary must be divided by 30 to get your daily salary.
  • The resulting amount is multiplied by 15.
  • And the result is the amount that they must pay you as a bonus in 2022.

In some companies, the bonus corresponds to a fortnight’s salary, as long as you worked the entire year. However, this is a minimum and some workers may receive a higher amount.

It is important to mention that, to make the calculation, you must also consider the date you started working and the effective days worked. In case of not having fulfilled the year yet, it will be necessary to calculate the proportional Christmas bonus.

Finally, remember that the Christmas bonus is a benefit to which payroll workers are entitled, however, those collaborators who work on commission and all those who are covered by the LFT are also taken into account.