Mexico’s Gambling Laws Are Changing


The need to gamble is a human trait as ancient as civilization, and entrepreneurial minds have been exploiting it for profit for just as long. However, the web age has turned the gambling business into something far larger and far-reaching than the flashing lights of Las Vegas or the thrill of the racetrack. Every year, the online gambling business earns around $50 billion in income. Experts believe the number will triple to roughly $150 billion by 2030. This is in part due to more people gambling, but it will also be due to more people gambling when new markets open up. Mexico is increasingly being considered as a prospective option. In the meanwhile, gamblers can play at real money online casinos in Australia.

Changing Laws in Changing Times

Mexico had a handful of French-style casinos during the start of the twentieth century, during the Porfiriato. Following the Mexican revolution, gambling remained further restricted, until it was effectively abolished by the 1948 Gaming Law. In the following years, there has been much debate in Mexico over gambling legislation. Some gambling activities, like licensed bingo and lottery games controlled by the Ministry of the Interior, as well as betting on horse racing, bullfighting, cock fighting, have remained allowed. Since the millennium’s turn, there has been a rising interest in Mexico to loosen gambling rules.

Unstoppable March of Online Gambling Fans

The reasoning behind the authorization of internet sports betting in Mexico may also be extended to casino gambling. However, there is one more consideration. It is impossible to impose national borders in cyberspace, and whether online casinos are permitted in Mexico or not, Mexicans will visit them and spend money. The country’s government has considered shutting down these internet casinos or making them more difficult to use by forbidding local banks from engaging with them. The problem is that the very same solution has been tried in places like Australia, and it simply does not work. Aussie gamblers can easily play at top online casinos from the BestAuCasinosOnline ratings.

New Casinos Will Be Soon in Mexico

Mexico is getting closer to completing new casino projects, as evidenced by the numerous development sites that are already under construction and reports about upcoming ones. And casino technologies are just supporting this trend. The state had prohibited casinos in 2017, and when the restriction was overturned the following year, the sector was looking at catching up and accelerating development. The new rules allowed for up to 850 casinos in the country, 206 of which have already been established. That leaves around 450 casinos to be built.

One of them is actually finished and opened its doors on September 2, 2022, in La Chinesca, Mexicali’s Chinatown. Apart from that, the state of Tamaulipas was widely rumored to expect thirty casinos only around the change in the law that lifted the ban on casinos. That was in 2018, and the estimated thirty casinos operating inside the state’s borders were completely disrupted by the global epidemic, which halted most developments and imposed lockdowns on the finished ones. Eleven of the thirty casinos are open now, and at least two more are expected by the end of the year. But some local sources say that may be ambitious.

The Mexican Gambling Industry Is thriving at a Cost

The gaming industry has been gaining speed in Mexico, with new partnerships, enterprises expanding, and a general environment of the cacophony of activity making headlines.

This indicates that healing is underway, and it is not a new process. Eleven of the thirty casinos are open now, and at least two more are expected by the end of the year. But some local sources say that may be ambitious. Betsson and Big Bola Casinos partnered in 2021 to establish Betsson Mexico in April of that year. Following this, bet365 launched in Mexico in June of the same year, after collaborating with the local TV Azteca conglomerate. This is by no means an entire list, but it’s safe to say that the business is picking up speed. It’s easy to put on rose-colored glasses and pretend that everything is OK, but nothing is ever flawless. 

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