Video: March in defense of the INE; begins day of mobilizations in streets and networks


Dressed in pink and white, hundreds of people take to the streets of the country, shouting “Not with the INE.”

  • From the early hours of today, the Angel of Independence and various places woke up with metal fences.
  • The esplanade of the Monument to the Revolution already has a pavilion for the closing speech of the mobilizations.
  • Through social networks, protesters have begun to point out their positions and opinions.

The surroundings of the Angel of Independence, were the site of an agglomeration of hundreds of people, who shortly after 10:00 a.m., today, November 13, 2022, gathered to demonstrate in defense of the INE and against of the initiative of the current president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), who seeks to replace the current National Electoral Institute (INE) with him (INEC) National Electoral Institute of Consultation.

Since the early hours of today, the Angel of Independence, as well as several areas of historical, cultural and commercial importance, have been protected with metal fences, in addition to the fact that around them, Internet users have reported a police presence.

It is worth mentioning that on Insurgentes and Paseo de La Reforma, there have been several closures to road traffic, in addition to the fact that eviction from public services such as the Metro Bus has been reported on networks.

In the same way, the Monument to the Revolution, a place that is expected to host the arrival of the protesters and that, according to the digital community, already registers the presence of protesters , has a pavilion, located on its main esplanade, where awaits the speech of the former president of the IFE, José Woldenberg.

March in defense of the INE begins day of mobilizations in streets and networks

In the same way, since the early hours of today , hundreds of Internet users have begun to follow up on the crowds planned for the marches, as well as their beginning and the route they have taken so far in the different venues, under the motto “ in defense of the INE”.

Although the exact number of attendees is unknown, the demonstration called at CDMX can be seen in the photographs and videos shared by the digital community, which has been widely accepted, since the cry of “with the INE” is seen several seas of people walking the streets dressed in white and pink.

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