The Morelia Music Festival celebrates another edition with a wide cultural offer


In the new edition of the Morelia Music Festival, different cultural samples will be experienced from multiple corners of the country.

Morelia Music Festival
Photo: Courtesy of the Morelia Music Festival

The Morelia Music Festival “Miguel Bernal Jiménez” celebrates its 34th edition, from November 11 to 20, with more than 40 activities that will take place within the state and in the interior of the Mexican Republic.

An edition full of cultural events

On this occasion, the Morelia Music Festival will have the presence of 550 artists from 10 countries; Austria, Colombia, Cuba, Scotland, Spain, the United States, France, Iran, Malaysia, and the Czech Republic. In addition, it will have some extensions both in the different municipalities of the state and in the different states of the Mexican Republic.

Morelia Music Festival
Photo: Morelia Music Festival

Among the invited talent are the Jalisco Philharmonic Orchestra, the Frizzante Trio, Barry I. White, Elisabeth Plank, Kaliveh Music Band, Chamber Orchestra of the Conservatory of Roses, Laura Carrasco, and Rodolfo Ritter, just to mention a few of them.

In addition to the different concerts, the Morelia Music Festival will also feature flower mats made by Patamban artisans, which will include more than three million natural flowers that will perch on stone walkways. And in addition to this, you can enjoy a gastronomic sample that will highlight the culinary art of each of the invited countries.

Flower Mats
Photo: Morelia Music Festival

“It is very important that you know that the Festival does not only happen in the theaters , it also happens in Morelia´S viceregal palaces IN A city NAMED World Heritage Site by UNESCO.”

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