Mexican Lower House of Congress approves 2023 Budget


Morena and allies endorsed cutting 6.4 billion pesos to autonomous bodies and powers, mainly to the INE.

After four days of discussion, the Lower House of Congress approved in general and in particular the 2023 Federation Expenditure Budget (PEF) with 270 votes in favor and 219 votes against. The Budget initially sent by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador was approved with s.

The Budget contemplates an expense of 8 billion 299 thousand 647.8 million pesos, which is 1 billion 211 thousand 397.5 million pesos more than what is labeled for this year. When approving these resources for 2023, Morena and allies celebrated with “ohé, ohé, ohé, ohé, Mexico won”, and then in advance they sang the morning to the federal president, who will turn 71 on Sunday, November 13.

The discussion of the PEF was marked by the National Electoral Institute (INE); meanwhile, the PAN, PRI, MC, and PRD gave speeches in support of the electoral body and assured that it “is not touched”, Morena, the PVEM, PT criticized the councilors, Lorenzo Córdova and Ciro Murayama.

Chamber of Deputies
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Modifications to the PEF

The PEF had modifications compared to what President Andrés Manuel López Obrador sent. One of the modifications is the addition of the Fourteenth transitory article to grant one thousand million pesos for the strengthening of municipal and state police, to comply with the provisions derived from the reform that extends the presence of the Armed Forces in public security tasks up to 2028.

The Board of Directors clarified that these resources will be subtracted from the resources that were destined for the Federal Judiciary Council, for which it will have 68 thousand 933.8 million pesos, 

Another transitory one has also added on the program The School is Ours, which will fulfill the functions that the defunct Full-Time School program carried out. The approved reserve indicates that the allocation for the components that make up the program must be specified.

This modification indicates that according to the nature of the program, the operating rules issued by the government must define the budget allocation for infrastructure and equipment, extended hours, and food service, and indicates that the public resources of the “extended hours” component ” may be up to 21% of the budget allocated to the program.

The budget item contemplated in the PEF 2023 for La Escuela es Nuestra, increased by 13 thousand 89 million pesos, which represents an increase of 84.5%, compared to last year.

In addition, they modified the Twelfth transitory article of the PEF so that the federal resources that the states and municipalities do not use in 2022, are used to improve the infrastructure of the entities. In addition, the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) will establish in the agreements the co-participation in the contribution of resources that the states, municipalities, and mayors will give.

“The Secretariat (of Finance), subject to the applicable provisions, may establish in the agreements that it celebrates with them, the co-participation in the contribution of resources by the federal entities and, where appropriate, the municipalities and/or territorial demarcations of Mexico City that are benefited to comply with the purposes for which federal resources are granted. The percentages of co-participation will be established in the respective agreements”, indicates the reservation presented by the PT.

Other changes that Morena and allies endorsed were to cut 6 thousand 437.5 million pesos to the autonomous bodies and powers. Among the agencies that will have fewer resources, compared to what the federal government proposed to deliver. The most affected of all is the INE with 4 thousand 475.5 million pesos less.

All these resources will go to the administrative branches, which are the federal dependencies. A total of 6 thousand 342 million pesos will go to the Ministry of Welfare, headed by Ariadna Montiel, and 47.5 million pesos will go to the Ministry of the Interior, commanded by Adán Augusto López, who has said that he wants to be a candidate for the Presidency.


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