“It offends me, but you know what you’re doing”; Japanese chef reacts to Mexican sushi


Japanese chef reacts to Mexican sushi and recognizes the difficulty of creating this food with so many traditional ingredients.

  • Mexico holds the number seven place as one of the countries with the best cuisines worldwide.
  • Tourism contributes just over 4 percent of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
  • The tourism sector related to gastronomy offers just over 4 million direct jobs.

Around the gastronomic world, countries like Italy, Mexico, and Japan are among the most recognized, so much so that they occupy the first places in popularity for their representative dishes, with tacos, pizza, and sushi being worthy references of each of the nations. although on many occasions the traditional process is not respected and several “nationalized” versions are created, as pointed out by a Japanese chef who has reacted to “Mexican sushi”.

At a global level, gastronomy is one of the main motivators of tourism, both nationally and internationally, so much so that this sector, together with experience tourism, contributes little more than 4 percent to the Gross Domestic Product ( GDP ), generating in turn, just over 4 million direct jobs and indirect millions, this in accordance with what was indicated by the Ministry of Tourism.

Gastronomy worldwide has such an impact that, according to the Testeatlas ranking, Mexico ranked number 5 in the world in 2021, now it is in position seven, being one of the 10 countries recognized for its excellent cuisine, where ownership is occupied by Italy, followed by Greece, Spain, Romania, France, and Japan.

“It offends me, but you know what you’re doing”; Japanese chef reacts to Mexican sushi

Undoubtedly, modernity offers access to a little of the culture of other countries without the need to leave the place of residence, since sometimes certain licenses are discussed in gastronomy issues, “nationalizing” various iconic dishes of each country, as pointed out by a Japanese chef.

@jeroyoshi #dúo con @Chuy.Salharo rollos de sushi enormes #chefyoshi #burbanos ♬ sonido original – Chuy.Salharo

For consumers, having consumption options that suit their traditions and tastes can sometimes be aberrant for classic recipes; however, it is through these that you can get closer to the culture of each region and generate culinary links.

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