You no longer have to wait for the authorities if you have a vehicle accident in Jalisco


Starting in November, when two motorists collide, they will be able to move from the place without waiting for the authorities, as long as they have accident insurance.

Currently, crashes called lamineros constitute 65 percent of road accidents in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Guadalajara and are major generators of traffic jams. The new provision is found in the recently approved Mobility and Road Safety Law and seeks, precisely, to lighten the traffic derived from these mishaps.

In the reforms that the Jalisco Congress approved, it is specified that, with a prior agreement between insurers, it will no longer be necessary to wait for an authority or the adjusters to authorize the cars involved in the crash to be moved.

According to the Secretary of Transportation, Diego Monraz, the new law could enter into force in November and not for another 180 days, which is the legal term from the publication of the reforms. To achieve this, he said that the agreement with the 34 Jalisco insurers is being advanced.

“If they both have insurance, they talk to the insurer, they give them instructions (send me photos, tell me how it went, and give me your location), they check the agreements and if their insurance is valid they authorize them to move. They move and the traffic is over,” he explained.

“Instead of two, three hours, it’s going to be 15 minutes, at that speed. Now, not everyone has insurance. That’s another issue. But 40 percent do and 65 percent of crashes are that type.” We’ve already got rid of it,” he said.

Insurers currently require that clients involved in an accident, even if it is a simple incident, do not move while they collect evidence of how it happened and responsibilities are determined. That could change from November. The only requirement will be that it is only a laminar collision, by range,

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