New York declares a state of emergency due to the increase in migrants


The mayor of New York declared a state of emergency by registering the largest number of asylum-seeking migrants in the city’s history.

Eric Adams, the mayor of New York, United States, declared a state of emergency due to the increase in migrants facing the city, which, he said, will cost his government a billion dollars this fiscal year.

At a news conference on Friday, Adams said New York bears more than its fair share in a politically motivated national crisis. So she called for federal and state aid, as well as stricter border controls to combat the migrant crisis.

“We now have a situation where more people are coming to New York City than we can immediately accommodate, including families with infants and young children,” Adams said.

He added that this day’s asylum seekers are forecast to exceed the number of registered migrants in New York’s shelter history.

According to Eric Adams, since April more than 22,000 migrants have arrived in New York, most of them South Americans, requesting asylum in the city.

He added that since the beginning of September they have received between five and six daily buses with migrants.

He noted that he connected asylum seekers with families, sponsors or other shelters.

The mayor of New York presented a response plan for the migrant crisis in the city. He noted that it will connect asylum seekers with families, sponsors or other shelters.

He added that he created 42 emergency shelters and enrolled 5,500 children in schools.

What will happen to migrants in New York after the state of emergency?

Eric Adams said in September that New York officials were evaluating how they would respond to the influx of migrants, including legal options.

“Once we finalize how we are going to continue to fulfill our legal and moral obligation, we will announce it. Until then, we’re just letting people know what we’re thinking and how we’re going to find creative ways to solve this man-made humanitarian crisis,” Adams said previously.

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