What Is Cryptocurrency In Simpler Terms – How Safe Is It?


Cryptocurrency has different names, and we all have heard about different types of cryptocurrencies, ranging from Ethereum to Litecoin and Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies have become a common alternative to online payments. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency, which is a substitute form of payment that’s curated with the help of an encryption algorithm. However, with cryptocurrency, you don’t have to share your personal information on Bitcoin Loophole. In simpler words, they promise complete anonymity.

Cryptocurrency is highly volatile, and many people wonder if it’s safe or not. So, with this article, we are sharing what cryptocurrency is and how safe it is.

Understanding Cryptocurrency – What Is It?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency developed by leveraging encryption algorithms – it means that cryptocurrency works as a virtual accounting system and a currency. For this purpose, you’ve to utilize a cryptocurrency wallet. A cryptocurrency wallet is a software that’s either stored on a smartphone or computer or is a cloud-based service. The wallets are tools that store the encryption keys that help confirm the identity and connect you to the cryptocurrency.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that cryptocurrency is an exchange medium that optimizes the security of every transaction. It’s used as an alternative to credit cards and cash. It doesn’t have a physical form and only exists in electronic or digital form. The cryptocurrency has arbitrary numbers stored in the account and is widely accepted as a mode of payment – it can be used to purchase services and products. Also, cryptocurrencies can be transferred between different accounts.

In some cases, cryptocurrency is exchanged for cash. They have become popular as they address the errors associated with centralization, security, and confidentiality associated with traditional currencies. The cryptocurrencies are based on decentralization, which means any financial authority doesn’t control the transactions – the digital currency isn’t regulated either. Cryptocurrency utilizes cryptography, which delivers advanced security systems that are challenging to tamper with.

Features Of Cryptocurrency

Various features of cryptocurrency can help you understand how they work. Some of these features include;


It’s common for most digital currencies to be regulated by regulatory agencies, meaning every currency transaction is controlled. In addition, the exchange rate is also determined by regulatory bodies. However, cryptocurrencies are decentralized, which means they cannot be controlled and only work by rules created by the cryptocurrency community.


The traditional digital currency infrastructures allow only governments to access information about every transaction. However, the transactions associated with cryptocurrency are always available to the public, promising full-range transparency. You won’t be able to determine a person behind an account or transaction, but you can easily track the transactions. In addition, you can monitor the leftover money.


It can be challenging to hide the account holder’s information when it comes down to digital currencies. In addition, you need to provide your data, such as address and name, to use the electronic wallets.


You will be given a private key whenever you open the cryptography, which is challenging to track if you have to store it in a safer place. However, you shouldn’t lose the private key because you won’t be able to enter the wallet without it, and the wallet is impossible to restore.


The digital transactions are monitored by the authorities whenever you use the digital currency, and they have the option to mark the transactions suspicious. On the contrary, when you complete the crypto-based transaction, it will be automatically added to a blockchain and irreversible. In addition, you won’t have to worry about getting your wallet blocked or transferring the funds to a different account.

Is Cryptocurrency Secure?

Irrespective of the investment, there is always a chance of risk, and cryptocurrency is no exception. Some common risks associated with cryptocurrency include rampant scams, lack of regulations, and volatility. In addition, cryptocurrency investment can be complex. In some cases, volatility works in your favor, but you must focus on technical analysis to prevent losses. Also, cryptocurrency is not regulated, so you are responsible for your losses!

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that cryptocurrency seems to be the future of digital currency, but it has a fair share of risks. For this reason, you must learn how to conduct a technical analysis to ensure you don’t lose your investment!

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