A Final Fantasy 14 Guide for Beginners: How to Start Playing?


Final Fantasy 14 is a game that is considered one of the main competitors of World of Warcraft, and in some features even surpasses it. It can be quite difficult for beginners, so we have prepared a small guide for you.

However, it is not the simplest game for a novice. The time and excessive amount of grinding required to succeed is one issue that the majority of MMORPG players lament. As a result, it can take you days, weeks, or even months to reach the required level. Instead of playing the challenging first levels of the game, numerous gamers choose to save their passion and desires for the later stages. They favor ffxiv boost because of this. Boosting can also be used to get rid of bothersome teammates. The service offers boosts for dungeons and raids.

What do you need to buy a game?

FF14 is available on PC, Mac, and PS4 with cross-platform game support.

If you play on Windows, then first you need to decide which specific PC version is right for you. The game can be purchased either on Steam or through the official website of the game. Both versions are no different from each other with one exception: once you pay for a game on one platform, you will not be able to switch to another. If you downloaded the trial version of the game from the site, then it can be transferred to Steam, and you will continue playing there. However, the opposite will not work, so once you start playing on Steam, you will be tied to it forever, unless, of course, you want to create a new account and start swinging from scratch. By analogy, updates purchased on one platform will not be able to be installed on another. In short, immediately decide whether you will play with or without Steam.

If you bought Final Fantasy 14 on PS4, but then want to switch to PC, or vice versa, you will have to buy the game a second time and register the code for the new platform on the official website. The same story is with macOS.

Which server should I choose?

The servers in Final Fantasy XIV are combined into data centers that are located in different regions. One part is in North America, another is in Europe, as well as in Japan. Since there are no regional restrictions in FF14, you can choose any server on any data center and create a character there.

How to create a character?

When creating a character, you will have a choice of several races. All of them can be both male and female. Races in Final Fantasy XIV do not have any special skills or bonuses. Therefore, your choice will affect only the appearance of the character, and it should be done based on personal aesthetic preferences.

But there is one point worth noting here: Final Fantasy is focused on playing with one character because one character can have all the classes available in the game, both combat and craft-gathering. So think carefully before making a final choice.

How to choose a race?

By selecting one of the races on the character creation screen, you will see that they all have different starting characteristics. Don’t pay any attention to them. You will never notice the difference in a couple of points of Strength or Intelligence.

After reaching a certain level, a cosmetologist opens who can change your character’s hairstyle, hair color, and makeup. However, race, facial features, and other more significant details of appearance can only be changed by buying a special item from a cash shop, so it’s better not to rush into creating a character.

What classes are there?

Classes in Final Fantasy 14 are divided into 3 groups: Tanks, Healers, and DPS (the last is divided into Melee, Physical Ranged Combat, and Magic Ranged Combat). In addition to the division by roles, the classes in the game are divided into:

  • Disciples of War – classes specializing in physical damage.
  • Disciples of Magic – specialize in magic damage.
  • Disciples of the Land – engaged in gathering.
  • Disciples of the Hand – sharpened for crafting.

At the very start of the game, we are offered to choose one of the 8 basic classes. They are so-called basic because they are limited in their development. But when they reach level 30, they can improve to full-fledged professions. Some of the best jobs are Dancer and Black Mage.

Since the classes in the game are easily changed by changing the main weapon in the hands of the character, the choice at this stage affects only your starting location.

How can I open new classes?

Along with new additions, new classes are added to the game. As a rule, they do not have their basic version, and they do not start their way from level 1, but, for example, from 30 or 50. To open them, you need to have an appropriate supplement and go through the relevant additions and story quests.

Final Fantasy 14 is a very interesting and addictive game that has many features that you will not find in any other game of this genre. Therefore, if you have never played it, we recommend you discover this amazing fantasy universe.

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