Video: More and more young professionals choose Mexico City for remote work


By CBS Mornings

As remote work continues to grow, people are choosing where they want to live to earn a living. Lately, more and more Americans have been picking Mexico City. CBS News correspondent Enrique Acevedo has more on the trend.

Many digital nomad cities in Mexico have been visited by digital nomads from the United States and Canada due to their reasonable close proximity and the fact that it is mostly in the same timezone. Tourists from North America regularly vacation in Mexico so it feels familiar and hence why it attracts the longer-staying crowd of digital nomads.

Mexico also allows tourists to stay up to 6 months in the country which is depending on their passport and the mood of the immigration officer at Mexico’s airports. For those that want to stay longer, there is the temporary resident visa which allows you to stay one year and can be renewed for another three years. Mexico is on the Nomad Girl’s ultimate list of digital nomad visas.

Mexico has it all to have a fun time as a digital nomad, amazing food, a history that has Spanish colonial and plenty of Mayan sites, beautiful beaches, an amazing capital in Mexico City, and last but not least a reasonable low cost of living. So where should you head out as a digital nomad in Mexico, these are the top 12 destinations.

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