After a countrywide protest, the Pitbull that almost ripped off a thief’s arm won’t be put down


The authorities of Copoya, in Chiapas, decided not to sacrifice Max, the Pitbull breed dog that almost ripped off the arm of an alleged thief who would have entered a house to rob.

The Pitbull breed dog that almost ripped off the arm of an alleged thief will not be put down after the Chiapas authorities considered that there are no arguments to do so.

The dog Max acted to defend the house of its owners and the relatives of the alleged criminal, identified as José Arbey “N”, demanded that the animal be sacrificed. The owners protected him at his home.

The incident occurred in the community of Copoya, in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, on October 7, according to local media.

The thief’s screams alerted the owners, who were inside the house, and they called 911.

“The subject identified by the name of José had a partial detachment of one of his arms, for which he had to be transferred to an emergency hospital,” said El Espectador.

The same media indicated that the authorities arrived at the scene, that during the first investigations they were with the relatives of the alleged criminal, who demanded that “the dog be sacrificed for being a danger to the profession that his relative exercises.”

The director of Protection against Municipal Sanitary Risk, Alfredo Ruíz Coutiño, confirmed that the dog would not be sacrificed for the defense he made to take care of his house and his owners.

“This municipal authority does not contemplate such a situation within its procedure since the aggression occurred inside the home and the person entered without authorization.

“Then we do not find arguments to initiate a procedure, much less sacrifice it. The only issue that concerns us is to rule out rabies, but by regulation, once it reaches 10 days after the aggression, we will examine the animal, if it is in optimal conditions, it does not present any symptoms, characteristic of the rabies virus, with that we terminate our file”, he affirmed.

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