Mérida in top 10 most expensive cities in Mexico to live


Mérida, with the highest inflation in the last twenty-two years

Unstoppable price increase reaches 9.40 percent.

MÉRIDA.- During the first fortnight of September, inflation in the city of Mérida continues unabated, registering 9.40 percent, placing the Yucatecan capital among the 10 most expensive cities in the country.

The National Consumer Price Index (INPC) in the entity was well above the national average of generalized inflation, whose record was 8.76 percent.

The number of high prices has not been found at these levels for more than two decades, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi), when the city of Mérida hit, in March 2000, a maximum of 8.35 per hundred.

Among the generic products whose price variations stood out for their impact on general inflation were: tomato, with 5.57 percent; lunch shops, inns, torterías and taquerías, with 0.62%; electricity, 2.02%; corn tortilla, $1.03; and onion, 4.38%. On the contrary, the product that presented a decrease in its price was low octane gasoline, 0.66$; avocado, 9.05%; domestic LP gas, 0.87%; and apple, 2.66%; also in professional services it fell by 14.64%.

Meanwhile, the underlying price index, which is the one that excludes products with high price volatility from its accounting, continues to accelerate and stood at 8.27 percent at an annual rate, this is its highest variation since the first half of September of 2000, when it rose 8.39%.

Within it, the prices of services stood at 5.43%, while the rise in the prices of merchandise was 10.75%.

The president of the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism in Small (Canacope), Jorge Cardeña Licona, pointed out that since the Covid-19 pandemic, high prices have not given the Yucatecan population a break.

“Unfortunately, the Basic Basket is in an inflationary spiral that changes in price depending on the increase in energy prices. It is something that has not been able to be stopped so far and new rises are still waiting for us, ”he said.

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