Merida fed up with destruction and protest of feminazis


Mérida City Council files a complaint with the FGE for damages after a demonstration.

The mayor of Mérida,  Renán Barrera Concha, reported that due to the acts of violence that occurred in yesterday’s demonstration and the damage to the city’s heritage, a complaint was filed with the State Attorney General’s Office against who is responsible.

Barrera Concha stated that these types of actions are inadmissible and endanger the protesters themselves. Fortunately, mentions the mayor, the Municipal Police and the Fire Department were able to intervene in time so that the fire caused in the tourist letters located in the Plaza Grande did not happen to majors.

“Every demonstration must guarantee freedom of expression to those who demonstrate, but we are reaching points in which we cannot allow this freedom of expression to damage assets or third parties, because it would also be able to violate the rights of the people who are around “said the president.

Barrera Concha stated that as a City Council the doors are open to dialogue, reflection and free expression of ideas, however, acts of vandalism will not be allowed.

When will the damaged tourist letters be restored?

As for the tourist letters that presented damage, the mayor stated that for now they will remain as they are, because when filing a complaint they cannot be restored or moved until the people in charge of monitoring them carry out the investigation and, from there, , others will be ordered.

The complaint that was filed is for damage to heritage and public property. As for those responsible, the president said that the videos that are held are being reviewed and the competent authority will be in charge of accusing whoever is responsible. 

The City Council will not withdraw the complaint for damage to property

This is the second time that a claim for property damage has been filed after a protest. The first time, according to the mayor, after dialogue with the responsible people and in an act of reflection it was decided to withdraw it, however, now it will proceed to mark a distance between respect for freedoms and attack on heritage. 

“If we don’t put a stop to it at this time, what will happen is that tomorrow they will begin to damage establishments, businesses, there will be robberies and other types of actions that have nothing to do with the cause they defend; from then we have to take action,” he said. 

video of the protest

“Look at what has happened in other states: they have burned government palaces, burned down businesses, why do you have to do that to demonstrate? It seems to me that it is inadmissible,” he said. 

The municipality emphasized that filing the complaint does not mean that they are not respecting freedoms, what they are doing is respecting the right to the city. 

Damage not yet quantified

In addition to the damage to the promotional letters of Mérida, the protesters made graffiti on some planters and on the floor. 
He does not yet know how much damage caused by the protesters. 

Mérida’s letters were placed in August 2016. At that time it was reported that the cost was $86,400 plus VAT because the company that made them, Arte Creativo, absorbed part of the cost. 

In November 2018 they underwent maintenance and while that happened some smaller letters were placed, which are the ones that are commonly installed near the Monument to the Fatherland. 

At the moment this will not happen, since the mayor has indicated the need to leave the bills as they are until the investigating authority carries out its work.

“Renan Barrera do your job jail these criminals”

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