VIDEO: Cartel assassins recorded before surrendering after a shootout in Orizaba


The criminals recorded a video in which they assured that they would surrender, and expressed their fear of being killed at the hands of the police.

On Monday afternoon there was a confrontation between police and criminals in the municipality of Orizaba, Veracruz, which went viral on social networks due to the videos of the shooting, where you can see several civilians trying to protect themselves after being trapped between the bullets.

The balance of the armed clash was one dead criminal and three other detainees, who before being arrested recorded a video in which they indicated that they were going to turn themselves in to the authorities, but wanted to leave evidence that they were still alive, as they feared that the Agents will kill them.

“I am going to turn myself in, but the state police are the ones who are going to kill me… We are here on 15th Street, I am going to turn myself in. The state are the ones who are shooting”, one of the criminals is heard saying.

“We are still alive, there is our face. I’m just asking you to get down, I’m going to turn myself in,” added the gunmen shortly before the police entered the house where they were.

Moments later, a dialogue can be seen between them and the authorities, to whom they express their fear of being beaten or killed, since they argue that one of their companions was killed.

It should be noted that the armed confrontation between the police and the gunmen lasted approximately two hours, during which time the streets and businesses were closed to maintain security in the area.

The reactions on social networks were immediate, where users highlight the cowardice of the criminals, who, seeing themselves surrounded, begged for their lives, when minutes before they sowed terror in the municipality of Orizaba.

Similarly, there were those who criticized the agents who started a conversation with the criminals, arguing that these people should not be given any consideration.

Veracruz Daily Post