A woman expert in martial arts chased and beat an assailant in the streets of Guadalajara (VIDEO)


In a video recorded by a security camera, it can be observed how the woman defended herself from an assailant.

The incident was caught on video with a security camera.

The events occurred in the Santa Teresita neighborhood, in the center of Guadalajara. A woman was intercepted by a burglar as she was leaving her home.

However, the assailant did not expect that she was an expert in jiu-jitsu.

The woman chased him down the street and prevented him from fleeing the scene on a motorcycle driven by an accomplice. She beat the man to the ground, to retrieve his belongings.

When he wanted to flee a second time, the assailant was tackled down by a passerby. Finally, local police arrested the alleged thief.

A great number of internet users celebrated the woman’s ability to defend herself from a criminal. The accomplice who was riding a motorcycle fled the scene and was not arrested.

Source: OEM

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