Foreigner complains about Mexican food and is severely criticized


“Do they eat everything with a tortilla?” Said the foreigner in a Facebook group of recipes for typical Mexican dishes.

Something very characteristic that everyone loves about Mexico is its gastronomy, or at least the majority because a foreign woman complained in a Facebook group where recipes of different types of Mexican food are shared among them. The woman called the dishes “monotonous” because most of them are consumed with a very mexican product such as tortillas. 

Her complaint was also addressed to other products widely used in Mexican food such as spicy, meat, beans, and cheese.

Of course, this foreigner’s complaint managed to anger a large part of the group’s community: “Comida Mexicana Araceli Oficial“, who was the one who shared a screenshot of the comment:

 “ Do they eat everything with a TORTILLA? Don’t you get tired? With all due respect to the channel and the Mexican people, their food is very monotonous (…) They use the same ingredients for everything”,  can be read in the comment.

Of course, the angry Mexicans did not hesitate to come out to defend our gastronomy and put the foreigner in her place, so one of them replied the following:

“ Tortillas are our daily bread and freshly taken from the comal they are tastier, in my ranch they are the ones that are never lacking, thank God. Beautiful afternoon my beautiful people be happy I love you very much”.

Not with the tortilla!  Foreigner complains about Mexican food and is severely criticized

The comment was made in a group of recipes for Mexican dishes (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

Although the place where the user who filed the complaint comes from is never mentioned, she did give some details of her gastronomy, as I assure you that it is broader since they prepare “a different soup every day without repeating”.

Thanks to the large community that makes up the Mexican food group, the screenshot has managed to accumulate more than 18,000 reactions on Facebook and comments in favor of the tortilla and other Mexican dishes, as well as several comments mocking the foreigner’s complaint.

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