Video: They leave stuffed Dr. Simi as an offering to Queen Elizabeth II and it goes viral


It was through TikTok that the video went viral, after Dr. Simi appeared in the offering surrounded by flowers and candles that paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.

After Queen Elizabeth II died at Balmoral Castle at the age of 96, thousands of British and foreigners attended the site where they left an offering, where in addition to flowers and letters, a stuffed doll of Dr. Simi also appeared.

It was through TikTok that the video went viral, after a stuffed toy appeared of one of the characters that has become popular among Mexicans in the offering, surrounded by flowers and candles that paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth.

The user of the social network, Takeshi Sánchez, shared the video that reads: “how when you arrive in Edinburgh to leave flowers for the Queen and you find the unexpected” and the audio is heard in the background where SpongeBob says “we painted the whole house and without letting a single drop of paint fall that is not, what is that”.

@takim3shi Cómo cuando llegas a Edimburgo a dejar flores a la Reina y te encuentras lo inesperado. #Drsimi #Queen #edimburgo #London ♬ el que use este audio es normal – el_neis

Such a video has reached more than 800 thousand likes as well as hundreds of comments where netizens have mocked seeing the stuffed animal in the offering.

“Hahahaha, nothing like us Mexicans, it was too late doctor hahahaha, Mexicans in the world, hahahaha!!! that Dr. Simi, in the best events, who would have thought that he would get there, ”were some of the comments left on the video social network.

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