Waves by Hurricane Kay in Puerto Vallarta leaves damage to the boardwalk


PUERTO VALLARTA, Jal., September 9, 2022.- The passage of Hurricane Kay along the coast of Jalisco began to generate strong waves in Puerto Vallarta since last Wednesday, causing damage to the boardwalk.

Although it was hundreds of kilometers from the coast of the State that the cyclone continued on its way, the height of the sea increased, causing the water to come out.

According to information from the municipal government, the waves were breaking on the boardwalk and a red flag was placed on the beaches to prevent tourists from swimming.

Videos show the damage caused by the intensity of the water. Broken planters, fences that limit the sea with the center of Vallarta and even the cracked floor.

Even Civil Protection agreed to the area on Thursday night to avoid accidents. So far the authorities have not released the assessment of the damage.

The Guadalajara Post