National Guard and Yucatan police chase drug laden truck on Merida-Progreso highway; cartel members arrested


Shots fired in the pursuit on the Mérida-Progreso highway?

Workers who work in the area affirmed that they heard a detonation of a firearm , so that the version that the driver of the vehicle had lost his life began to spread.

It transpired that the exit from the road would have occurred at the time the truck was hit by a bullet.

A death and drug seizure, the balance of the persecution?

Likewise, it was commented at the scene that the vehicle was loaded with at least half a ton of drugs.

Persecution in Mérida-Progress
Image that seems to confirm that the truck was loaded with drugs

Elements of the state police and the National Guard guarded the van until an SSP tow truck arrived to remove it from the site.

For their part, paramedics from the state corporation arrived to attend to the driver, who, according to versions, no longer had vital signs, which was not officially confirmed.

Position of the SSP on the accident in Mérida-Progreso

Regarding the case, the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) issued a bulletin stating the following:

Elements of the SSP, in coordination with the National Guard, seized a truck that was transporting packages of cannabis today on the Mérida-Progreso federal highway.

From a call to the emergency number 9-1-1 of the C5i, in which it was reported that a black pick-up truck left the road, the State Police arrived at the scene as the first responder and began the chain of custody.

Elements of the National Guard also arrived at the site and in coordination with the state authorities, the vehicle and its cargo were secured.

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