Residents of Navolato, Sinaloa capture enormous crocodile under a bridge (VIDEO)


The rainy season has caused the reptiles to roam the streets of the state. In the last 15 days, the people of Navolato have managed to secure six adult animals.

Inhabitants of Navolato, Sinaloa, experienced moments of anguish after they realized that a huge crocodile was wandering in a stormwater channel, under a bridge that is located in front of the Villa Juárez syndicate.

Due to the above, the residents made the decision to join forces and secure it, since there was an imminent risk for the population. And it is that in the rainy season it is very common for this type of reptile to be seen on the streets of the state.

With a yellow rope and a chain, a group of people tied the reptile by its snout and little by little dragged it out of the canal, keeping enough distance to avoid a tragedy.

In multiple videos and images shared on social networks, it can be seen how a group of approximately six men are the ones in charge of capturing the crocodile, while more than twenty inhabitants -including women, children, and older adults- congregated on the site to observe the dangerous feat.

After a few minutes, the reptile was secured between shouts and indications launched by the spectators, without any injuries reported during the actions. The crocodile was later taken to the local authorities so that it could be transferred to a safe place.

Civil Protection agents went to the scene to provide support and, with the help of a pick-up truck, placed the specimen in the back.


The Mazatlan Post