Differences Between Online Casinos in Mexico and New Zealand


Online casinos in Mexico and New Zealand differ from one another. Gambling industries are legalized in Mexico, while it isn’t so in New Zealand. In Mexico, you can play different popular games and enjoy bonuses. In New Zealand, they do not allow locally based gambling companies, but they allow you to play virtual games. No company is listed in this state. There are many distinctions as regards online games in these two states. 

However, these countries’ main similarity is that they both offer online games. You can play online casino games in these two states, allowing you to win as much as you bet with real money. Although there are no regulations on online casinos in New Zealand, you’re free to play any game as long as it’s legalized in the state. On the other hand, Mexico gives you different opportunities to play various games, and you’ll be opportune to win. There is no specific law regulating the operation of betting in the state. You only have to choose a game based on your preference.

Online gambling in these two countries has so many differences. The notable and significant differences are:

There is no locally based casino in New Zealand, While There is one in Mexico

These two countries have their differences when it comes to playing online. Mexico is among the countries where gambling is legal. In the second state, it is legal, but the only variation it has is that these gaming industries are not locally based. Some of the reasons why gaming is not locally based in NZ include the following:

  • The New Zealand gambling Act 2003 doesn’t regulate the gaming companies in the state. 
  • They only allow internationally licensed games that allow local gamblers to register on their platform.

Playing games in Mexico is legal, and people go there because of these reasons:

  • They offer a great way to win.
  • There are many casinos available in the state, both online and locally based companies. 
  • They offer different options for people based on their preferences. 
  • Mexico games are widely accessible, and they offer slot games across cities. 

No legislation or rule backs up online casinos in New Zealand, while there is a rule guiding the operations of casinos in Mexico

NZ’s lack of legislation or rule makes the country filled with different operators. For this reason, there are no approved operators for gaming. The only way you are entitled to avoid being scammed is to do some personal research. 

In Mexico, they have a rule and legislation guiding their gambling operation. This is because it is known for its love of gambling, and there are different opportunities therein. 

Gambling is not legislated in Mexico, while New Zealand doesn’t support casinos

The main reason why the former didn’t regulate gambling is because of these reasons:

  • Some religious organizations don’t support the rule. They only support partial activities in the state. 
  • Only the hotel industry is clamoring for total legislation against gambling. They believe it will boost tourism opportunities. 
  • Naysayers felt it would boost illegal activities in the state. 

The latter doesn’t support games at all. They only allow international online companies to use NZ in their names as a domain. 

To Enter a casino in New Zealand, you must be 20 years of age, while in Mexico, you must be at least 18 years

The legislation of Mexico, which was amended in 2004, stated that you must be 18 years of age before you can go into gambling. The law guiding this rule is known as The Bingo and Raffle Act. In New Zealand, you must be 20 years or more, as stated in the legislation. 

Similarities Between Casinos in New Zealand and Mexico

The table below entails the similarities between casinos in these states.

            Gambling in New Zealand                   Gambling in Mexico
They allow you to play online games. The only disadvantage is that the gaming companies aren’t locally based. This state allows you to play online games. They allow different gaming companies in the state.
Gambling in this state follows the mobile casino trend. This trend is a popular act nowadays among gamblers.Gambling in this state allows you to use your mobile device for your gambling operations. The Mexican laws also support this order. 
The government does not legislate casinos in this country.The government doesn’t fully regulate casinos. They have some major drawbacks. 
Games in this state allow you to win real money.This country allows you to win real money as much as you bet with real money.


As stated above, there are some basic differences between online casinos in the two countries. These states’ governments have some major laws guiding the legislation of online casinos. In Mexico, online games are a flexible operation. You have various games to play, and they are always ready to give you everything you need for the best gaming experience. In New Zealand, there is a restriction on how you play your games. These games are only available online. There is no locally based industry in the state. The similarities are also striking with different variants.

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