Aguascalientes inaugurates the most important automotive business forum in Mexico


The North America Automotive B2B Meeting has the potential to generate $3 billion USD in business deals.

With the presence of more than 100 international purchasing companies and 600 local, regional and national suppliers, Aguascalientes inaugurated for the second consecutive year the North America Automotive B2B Meeting, the most important business forum for the automotive industry in Mexico.

The Secretary of Economic Development (SEDEC), Manuel Alejandro González Martínez, pointed out that more than 500 business meetings between supplier companies and buyers had already been officially scheduled, with the potential to generate more than 3 billion dollars in commercial agreements.

The official thanked the Chain of Industry Suppliers in Mexico (CAPIM) and the National Auto Parts Industry (INA) for placing their trust in Aguascalientes for the second time to host this renowned event, pointing out that the meeting fosters business links and positions the entity as an attractive place for investment and the location of suppliers of the automotive and auto parts industry in the region.

The head of the SEDEC stated that through this forum, buyers will be able to realize the level of excellence and quality that local and regional companies manage, which are characterized by understanding the needs of companies and responding to them in an agile and precise manner.

González Martínez explained the importance of betting on the consolidation of a regional supplier by generating numerous benefits such as the acceleration of processes, the reduction of costs, and the improvement of automotive components, which translates into an increase in the sales levels of the companies.

For his part, René Mendoza, national coordinator of CAPIM, said that the organization of this forum is due to the objective of supporting national suppliers to locate new businesses and purchasing companies to identify new companies for their supply chain.

“ The great virtue of an event like this is that it brings together [companies] from different regions of the country and from different parts of the world in a single venue to exchange information and see how to limit the time in which we can do a new business. ”, said the manager.

René Mendoza expressed that the North America Automotive B2B Meeting will have the outstanding participation of 21 speakers who will offer 10 keynote speeches and three panels.

Finally, Alberto Bustamente, general director of the INA, emphasized the relevance of the automotive meeting as it became a perfect space for the development of new suppliers in the automotive sector, an important issue due to the requirements of the T-MEC that established an increase in the content regional in rules of origin.
“ Aguascalientes is today one of the main automotive states in the country, reason, and objective of holding this important event here ”, he concluded.

Source: Lider Empresarial

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