Mexico movie chains launch a low price campaign “29 pesos movie tickets”


To encourage the return to theaters, Cinemex, Cinépolis, CineDot, and the rest of the movie chains will standardize their box office prices for three days and offer candy promotions.

Cinemex, Cinépolis, CineDot, and the rest of the movie theater chains, including the independent ones, seek to attract Mexican customers who have not yet returned to the theaters with ‘La fiesta del cine’, a campaign in which they will have box office special price.

This campaign will run from Monday 5 to Wednesday 7 September, days in which moviegoers will find tickets to traditional theaters at 29 pesos, IMAX at 49 pesos and VIP at 69 pesos in all theaters in the country. There will also be promotions in confectionery.

Miguel Rivera, global vice president of programming and content at Cinépolis, explained that this initiative is inspired by those already taking place in countries such as Spain and France, where they take place up to twice a year. “It’s the first film party, we don’t know how we’re going to replicate it in the future, we’d like it to be annual,” he said.

For now, the representatives of the industry see this first edition as an opportunity to attract those who have not been able to attend the rooms and resist the inflationary effects on their portfolios.

Ramón Esteves, CEO of CineDot, comments that on a Monday average sales of 400,000 tickets are recorded. “We don’t have a target, but if it can be duplicated it would be wonderful.”

As part of the films on display during ‘La fiesta del cine’, Spiderman: no way home will be re-released, which has been the highest grossing film this year. The premieres of VertigoLessons for ScoundrelsMy Sweet MonsterThe Wild Girl and The Mafia Tailor are added.

A summer of blockbuster releases

Cinema chains are still feeling the aftermath of COVID-19 and this summer they will close with box office sales 30% below 2019 levels. “Now we are looking for attendance to rise and we are getting closer to 2019,” said Miguel. Rivera, from Cinepolis.

Summer releases, such as Jurassic World: Dominion and Minions: A Villain Is Born, marked the start of the industry’s recovery during opening weekend. While the first brought 4.9 million people to the cinema, the second had 4.8 million viewers, both of which exceeded the average number of attendees per premiere for 2019, which was 4.5 million, according to data from Canacine. A more recent case was Thor: love and thunder, which had 5.3 million viewers.

Until last June 1, box office receipts totaled 5,447 million pesos, an amount that is close to 7,459 million for all of 2021. Last year, sales were equivalent to 39% of those generated in 2019, which amounted to 19,050 million pesos.

Mexico Daily Post