AMLO announces more resources for social programs


For 2023 and 2024, social programs will have more budget, Andrés López, president of Mexico, announced this Wednesday, August 10th, at his daily press conference from the National Palace.

He asked the beneficiaries not to be fooled by his opponents who assure them that the resources will decrease. Many argue that opponents never said anything like that, but that’s the way president Lopez Obrador twists information for his own benefit in his inflammatory rhetoric.

“There will be no lack of budget for welfare programs and there will be no lack of budget for development projects. Perhaps it will be reduced, although it will not be lacking, for the government’s operating expenses, ”he asserted.

AMLO reiterated that his administration will enter the stage of what he calls “Franciscan poverty” to benefit the neediest, since “there can be no rich government with poor people.”

Source: Por Esto

Mexico Daily Post