Video: New water sport in Oaxaca, ‘fishing’ garbage in Huatulco


Water sports enthusiasts, volunteers, and service providers collected almost half a ton of garbage during the Second Local ‘Plastic Fishing’ Tournament in Huatulco.

In order to raise awareness about the serious problem of garbage reaching the sea, water sports enthusiasts, volunteers and service providers collected almost half a ton of garbage during the Second Local “Plastic Fishing” Tournament in Huatulco, on the coast. Oaxacan 

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The second edition had 140 participants using kayaks and paddle boards, who took on the task of recovering 447 kilograms of solid waste.

Alfonso Manzano, municipal director of the Huatulco International National Tourism Liaison, recognized the organizers, Enrique Alcaraz and Erasto Rojas, who from private initiative managed to catapult this environmental action. 

He stressed that this tournament held last Saturday morning brought together local people and guests from New Zealand, New York, and Mexico City, as well as from Veracruz, Tamaulipas, Zihuatanejo, and Puerto Escondido. 

Fishing for PET, face masks, Styrofoam and cans, among others, could be done individually and in teams.  

The couple made up of Daniel Barrios and Frida Marian, recovered 99.82 kilograms. 

Individually, Salvador García managed to “catch” 52.35 kilograms, while the female duo made up of Yvette and Nohemi López, presented a “catch” of 20.85 kilograms.  

Pescan kayakistas casi media tonelada de basura en playas de Huatulco

The prize for first place consisted of three days and two nights, with food, free, in a well-known hotel on the main beach of Huatulco. 

At the end of the day, all the participants were recognized for taking care of the oceans and seas, spaces that are capable of regulating the planet’s climate and also constitute an important source of nutrition. 

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