Canada offers employment of 60,000 pesos per month to those who know how to clean fish


A company in Quebec, Canada, is looking for a person who knows how to wash fish; offers 60 thousand pesos per month and round-trip air transportation from Mexico. It is not necessary to speak English or French.

Canada is offering jobs with a payment of up to 60,000 pesos per month for people with experience in washing fish, without the need to know how to speak English or French.

On its employment portal, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (STPS) published a vacancy for a company located in Quebec dedicated to the processing of fish and shellfish that is looking for Mexican workers to work in the 2023 fishing season.

The contract is for six months and may vary slightly depending on the length of the fishing season.

The company is looking for employees specifically for the laundry area.

In the vacancy, it was specified that the work schedule is from 5 in the afternoon to 2 in the morning, although it may vary depending on the workload, rotation and quantity of product.

Those interested need to meet these requirements:

  • INE and CURP
  • Proof of address.
  • Curriculum Vitae updated.
  • Valid passport or near renewal date.
  • Letters proving recent work experience for positions covered for a maximum of 2 years.
  • It is requested to have between six months and one year of experience in the fish market and know how to wash fish.

The company offers accommodation, but the amount of the rent will be deducted from your salary; also includes life, drug, and short-term disability medical insurance; One-way transportation from the country of origin to the destination, as well as back.

According to the vacancy, some of the activities that the applicant will have to carry out are: receiving the product, cleaning the product and the work area, as well as processing fish and shellfish.

Mexico Daily Post