Rains cause flooding in General Hospital of Querétaro


The heavy rains that occurred this Wednesday afternoon in the state capital caused the fall of seven trees and a spectacular announcement on several vehicles, in addition to flooding a part of the new Querétaro General Hospital that began operations a few months ago.

In the case of the new general hospital, the water returned in the drainage and caused the interior to flood, although it is reported that there were no effects on operations.

Similarly, there were floods in primary and secondary roads in the north, center and north-west of the city of Querétaro, without affecting people.

According to the operation that is activated before any rainfall, the entry of a system was reported through the northern part of the municipal territory as of 4:30 p.m.

The fallen trees were reported in the neighborhoods of La Joya, Jardines de la Hacienda, Ninos Heroes, Carrillo and on Avenida del Sol; while the spectacular that fell to the ground occurred in the commercial plaza located on El Jacal avenue, corner with Zaragoza extension. No one was injured in any of the cases.

As for the affected roads, flooding was reported above the sidewalk level in Santa María Magdalena.

Reports of return of drainage water to homes in Villas de Santiago and Santa María Magdalena were also addressed, as well as three homes that presented water ingress from the street, but without major effects.

The Queretaro Post