U.S. Government disdain for AMLO


López Obrador was a victim in Washington of the 4T brand protocol that he has established for 43 months. The disdain and distance to which he was subjected by Biden ‘s ‘Remember Boycott Summit’ is not only the treatment he earned, but the by-product of the ways he has wanted to imprint on his international performance. 
And since there are no coincidences in politics, and even less so when it comes to the United States, AMLO was forced to stop hugging each other and, in the same week and after slapping the table that we did not see, he coincidentally found a Chapitos cell in Topilejo and caught Rafael Caro Quintero lost in Choix. 

Too efficient to be casual, particularly when Caro Quintero has an extradition order because in the United States and especially in the DEA they do not forget and want to charge for the murder of Kiki Camarena (1985), his agent in Guadalajara in the glory years of Miguel Ángel Felix Gallardo from the 80’s. 

Biden is in urgent need of successes to address his low approval levels and must be fed up with the party that criminals live in Mexico. Only he and López Obrador know what they said to each other in private and what he gave him and with it he demanded, probably together with the geolocated information of Caro Quintero. 

If one day the intelligence information sent by the DEA to the Navy allowed the re-apprehension of Chapo on the Malecón in Mazatlán and then was repeated in Los Mochis for him to flee through the drains, there is no objective data that contradicts that the Marines found Caro Quintero thanks to the “collaboration” of the United States, on the route of the visit to Washington. 

The congratulatory message from Anne Milgram, director of the DEA, congratulating her staff without mentioning anything about the Mexican forces, can give an idea of ​​how the handling of information that allowed the capture was. 

The official version spread that the arrest was achieved by “follow-up work” by the authorities is laughable. Well, how fast for the follow-ups! It only took 9 years. 

What is ominous and strange was the accident of the Blackhawk helicopter of the Navy that came to land near Los Mochis and represented the death of 14 marines. Only information transparency will remove public suspicion that it was collateral damage. But they don’t understand. 

Meanwhile, Caro Quintero was taken to the Altiplano federal prison, and no one has so far denied the possibility of his extradition being made effective. 

It is not one of those that López Obrador likes to boast about, but Topilejo and Guachochi should list them among the “achievements obtained” in their battered trip to the White House. And if not, then what a coincidence. 

As we wrote here just last Sunday, the powerful Society of Jesus would have to pull its international strings to repair as far as possible the murder of its priests in Cerocahui. 

Coincidences are like that when international analysts wonder what López Obrador is afraid of if in these almost four years of Government he has not made ANY State Visit anywhere, nor has he received a foreign president with the globally accepted protocol for these events and has turned state dinners, decorations, speeches before Congress and gift exchanges upside down.                  

And the worst thing is that there is no desire to have such a Visit with all the generally accepted protocols in the remainder of the six-year term. Announced as a great achievement, the USMCA trilateral summit will take place here in Mexico in November, with the assistance of Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau. Glossy summit, no state visit.  

Diplomatic media consulted by this column attribute López Obrador’s anti-diplomatic behavior to several circumstances: 

  • His disinterest and supine ignorance of the international. 
  • Prejudices and ghosts that inhabit the conscious and subconscious of the President. 
  • Fear of locating on land where you do not step hard or control. 
  • Fear at their ignorance of the international territory. 
  • Is it a modesty referred to his electoral clientele that identifies trips with waste or perhaps his personal resistance knowing he is a small town and incapable of behaving within certain protocols? 
Logra Biden de AMLO lo que no pudo Trump: 31 mmdp a frontera

Is it the Jamaicón Syndrome? 

The “Jamaicón” jocularly and anecdotally recalls the nickname of José Efrén Villegas, soccer defender of the champion Guadalajara, who led the national team in the 1958 World Cup in Sweden, said at the concentration of players that he missed his pot beans and corned tortillas. 

Do you not want to travel because you are a victim of this syndrome? 

The truth is that the most recent trip to Washington confirmed what is known: only official trips with precise objectives, often strictly ideological. 

If López Obrador was not able to realize the size of the affront he did to Joe Biden by boycotting his Summit of the Americas, in an atrocious and useless attempt to put out his chest on behalf of countries with democratic shortages, that is why he came so cool to the White House. And consequently, is that why he was seen to be so acquiescent to the treatment he received in return: ice, distance, disdain, even a comment that Biden made about China in his exchange of messages? 

He wasn’t even greeted at the door. They sent him to breakfast with the government’s second, which is Kamala Harris, and Biden left him alone at his business meeting. And we wont even talk about the message in the Rose Garden.    
Against carrying out the trip it was suggested: 

What was the point of going to visit a President with a popularity rating of 32%, in fact, half of what he has, in a country with an economy subject to 9.1 percent inflation, dangerously close to a recession that will be contagious and a Central Bank about to raise rates by 100 basis points (1%)? 

No way, López Obrador went on his own, well earned for walking as my grandmother used to say: ‘For walking as a redeemer, he was crucified    
And then the image he projects. The President has a problem with his body language, and his semiotics, and the worst thing is that they already told him and he doesn’t care. 

The message of his posture reflects his irremediable tear for that kind of encounter. The contempt he has for it is reflected in bad manners. 

And what about the fiscal washer offered to the gringos from whom we imported their expensive gasoline so that the 4T government puts a subsidy on it and can deliver it cheaply at our gas stations on the border. And in the stellar issue that she had regarding the issuance of visas for urban and agricultural workers, she ran into an insurmountable wall. 

That of the United States Congress. Did no one explain to you that Biden’s political opponents are not going to let that go? 

Twenty years later, he was not only going to repeat what Fox asked of George Bush Jr at Rancho San Francisco, his ranch, where he went just two months after taking office. It was February 2001 and the recently arrived president Vicente Fox put on the table the issue of increasing temporary work visas and the migratory regularization of Mexicans. 

Those of us who journalistically covered that meeting clearly heard what Fox asked for. And it couldn’t then.  

And how about the lack of concrete announcements. Because in that chapter, Mexico had to put 1,500 million dollars in works at border crossings, gas pipelines, etc. That of the 40 billion dollars for investments in the rest of the six-year term is an easy way out and a resource of the discursive entelechy. 

What happens in Avenida Añil? 

On a different topic, I tell you that on August 22, 2019, Iztacalco Citizen Protection authorities detected a huachicol taking at house 364 on Añil Street, right in front of the Pemex Storage Plant, for which they initiated the protocols police and citizen protection of the case, including wide dissemination in the media and the presence of officials from the Mayor’s Office led by Armando Quintero Martínez, Pemex and the FGR. 

Since then, the circulation of vehicles and people has been closed to Calle de Añil in that section, including the outskirts of Goma and Chicle in the same neighborhood. 

Almost three years after this, the tenants have returned to the huachicolero property to occupy their old abode. However, the streets remain closed, the authorities have even used construction material waste to erect fences that prevent the free movement of vehicles and people. This has mostly affected retail merchants, for whom the closure of the road is suffocating by preventing mobility in the area. 

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