Sectur Durango will resume joint promotion with Sinaloa to attract international tourism


The Undersecretary of Tourism Promotion of Durango, Elvira Silerio Díaz pointed out that this project had been implemented before the pandemic and now they are seeking to resume it so that Canadians and Americans who arrive in Mazatlán can “escape” to the mountains, capital city or magical towns.

Durango, Durango. – In short, the construction of the Mazatlán-Durango highway has been one of the greatest successes, with it, the six or seven hours of travel to reach either of the two destinations was reduced to how much 4 hours, depending that you don’t get caught in an accident or a stretch of highway under repair, but otherwise, the flow of tourists to both towns is constant and “constant.” 

The undersecretary of Tourism Promotion of the Tourism Secretariat of Durango, Elvira Silerio Díaz, asserted that between both entities, Durango and Sinaloa, an important synergy has been born for economic development, because in the case of the so-called “heart of Mexico”, the investments are important, but more so, the active presence of tourists from different municipalities of the neighboring state, particularly from Mazatlan. 

And it is precisely in this sense, where important ground has been gained, which is why it is intended to resume the international promotion project hand in hand, which had to be interrupted due to the strict measures that were imposed in North America with the pandemic. , but which intends to generate that residents or visitors from Canada or the United States who spend time in Mazatlan, can “dare” to escape from destiny to the mountains, magical towns, municipalities, or the capital city for at least two days.

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“We are a destination that complements each other, that we have qualities that do not compete but on the contrary make what we have more attractive to visitors, with what Mazatlán has, and above all Sinaloac we will always be working together.” 

Silerio Díaz commented that he is confident that the Sinaloa-Durango international promotion plan and strategy will be consolidated in the new government administration, meanwhile, he pointed out that in the present, important foundations have been laid for the growth of tourism in this entity. 

He indicated that it is a priority to continue working with Sinaloa, so much so that this week the head of Sectur Sinaloa, María del Rosario Torres Noriega, will be there to see precisely this issue of the “coupled” promotion and by the end of the month also Ricardo Velarde Cardenas, head of Sedectur Mazatlán will visit the entity at the closing of the National Fair of Durango, to continue with the synergy of work. 

Regarding the National Fair of Durango, he pointed out that during the first day the attendance of approximately 30 thousand people was reported, which marks an important return of the state celebration, from which a spill of close to 200 million pesos is expected and the attendance at the end of the 16 days, of 900 thousand people. 

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This first weekend, Fenadu had an important start with musical presentations such as Los Aguilar (Pepe, Leonardo, and Ángela) Julión Álvarez, Las Grandiosas, Carín León, and Bronco; but in addition to that, there are important samples of the magical towns of Mapimí and Nombre de Dios, as well as craft products from the region, gastronomic, livestock and mezcal samples, in addition to the traditional mechanical games.

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